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Soulja Boy= Prisoner Rehabilitation…..CLASSIC!!!

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Now I must admit, Soulja Boy is NOT by far a Hip Hop artist, AT souljah boy ALL.  But the Hip Hop culture should respect his hustle and his grind rather than always dogging him out.  He’s a business man that entertains. Most of all he handles his BUSINESS.

I might be late on this, but I just stumbled across this on YouTube. Its the same prison in the Philippines that showcased their rendition of Thriller. This time there Crankin That Soulja Boy. Yoooooouuuullllllllllllll!!!!!

Check out the clip:

Perhaps if we implemented this type of program in our jails or at least within the juvenile justice system rehabilitation might work a little bit better. Or at least they’d

have a field they can go into after release. A fresh start as a back up dancer. If K-Fed can do it, why cant a prisoner?


1st Rap Tweet LIVE on by @FokusChicagoKid

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Were gonna start it off right/ Its Poppin’ tonight/ Fokus 1st Rap Tweet LIVE

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I wanna thank everyone, who came along for the ride 2008 Fokus, the 1st Rap tweet LIVE!!!!!

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