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Everyone’s A Rapper!!!!

Posted in Political, Social Issues with tags , , , , on October 22, 2008 by hiphopdemocrat

Everybody’s got a CD now a days, any two people can print up a few t-shirts and call themselves a company. Pharmaceutical companies are spending 10s of millions of dollars starting labels named after a body spray. In my opinion its just a glorified marketing campaign, exploiting hip hop. But that’s another blog

So does it seem wrong that what seems like 1 out of every 4 young black males wants to be a rapper. I mean I don’t think being a musical artist should be a job choice for anyone under the age of 18, not even top 10.

Yes, I am a rapper, and yes, I can say the last project I put out was the worst investment ever, only by normal economic standards of course. In retrospect that money, I feel probably would have been wasted in clubs or on clothes seeing that I was the least bit interested in financial responsibility, and still not quite where I need to be…lol…

Instead of seeing it as a bad investment in the music industry, I see it as an investment into my growth as an entrepreneur. I learned about general business, marketing, management, entrepreneurship, networking, budgeting, and a lot more creatively too.

So maybe the fact that so many of our youth WANT to be rappers isn’t such a bad thing after all. If we can use that interest as a spark for education in business or in entrepreneurship we might have a gateway for the future, not only for Hip Hop as a business, but as a culture as well .

“The economic conditions in black communities are such that people don’t got no time to be leisurely involved in some culture…..when young black people are involved in hip-hop, it’s for economic benefit……It’s been modified into business…..but people’s situations are very  pressing, sometimes very desperate, and people recognize hip-hop as a way to improve their (economic) situation.”Mos Def


Welcome to The Hip Hop Democrat!!!

Posted in Introduction with tags , , , on October 16, 2008 by hiphopdemocrat

Now that we have the important stuff out the way, Allow Me to Introduce Myself!!!

Welcome to The Hip Hop Democrat: A place where Hip Hop and Politics meet. A blog where fans and artists alike can come together and represent the greater good of the culture. Of course its about the MUSIC as well. This is a place where politics of CHANGE meet the need for change of the current Hip Hop music industry……

“Hip-hop is more powerful than politics and religion. It’s the only thing that brought black people, white people, German people, Asian people, African people (together). I traveled the world – hip-hop changed people’s lives,”- DMC  from RUN DMC

So artists feel free to promote your music (DON’T SPAM!!!!), we’re all about GOOD music so we will allow links to be posted, but lets be courteous to everybody on the site and make this an overall GREAT experience……

There are a few purposes’ for this blog, which are:

  • Awareness of the political issues that are occurring in this election year for the huge fan base of Hip Hop music
  • Create a positive atmosphere that promotes creativity and support for EVERYONE that is part of the Hip Hop culture(Dance, Music, Art, Fashion, Everything HIP HOP)
  • Provide entertaining and informative news on politics, the industry, and how the culture of Hip Hop influences it all.

So please feel free to leave comments, network, and just interact. Let yourself be known to the world. The only thing I ask is that you be respectful to everyone who chooses to speak their opinions, whether they’re Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green, or any other party I missed……With that said…Lets Begin…..

Blog Action Day: Hip Hop & Poverty

Posted in Political, Social Issues with tags , , , on October 15, 2008 by hiphopdemocrat

“The tragic death of Jam Master Jay should serve as a reminder of the condition of poverty, ignorance and lack of opportunity inherent in our urban communities across the country,”- Russell Simmons

Well, what a day to start a blog, considering that its Blog Action Day and as always better late than never. I’m honored to begin on a positive note and contribute to the awareness of the international POVERTY problem. I feel this is a fitting topic to start with and grow this blog from considering the fact Hip Hop grew its roots out of poverty, and the struggles of those in the inner city and other urban communities.

Even today, Hip Hop still represents that point of view. Not just because it’s the theme of over half of the mainstream songs out, but because that is what this industry represents, a way out, a means to an end. Poverty is a huge problem not only in America but all over the world. The numbers that surround the global poverty issues are astounding.

I invested a good amount of time today, just reading, stories, looking at statistics, mainly on and I just can’t imagine…..even being as broke as I am, living off of less than $2.50 per day. I feel like that’s about what it costs to start my car.

3 Billion people are subjected to live in those type of conditions, honestly that’s unacceptable especially when there’s $700 Billion dollars up for grabs by the banks. If I do the math correctly that’s enough for those 3 billion to live for 93 days. So maybe then 26,500 children wouldn’t die for each of those days. Just somethin to think about.