Artist of the Month sponsored by

ARTIST of the MONTH sponsored by SONIC JIVE

Every month we will feature an artist that embodies the true spirit of a Hip Hop Democrat……An artist that represents their community and stresses through their lyrics the importance  of family, community, and equality amongst everything.  An artist that understands that  music is indeed entertainment, but that there is also a moral responsibility to inform the fans and listeners.

To qualify you MUST register with

Please submit:

  • Name
  • Contact Information(Email Address/Phone)
  • Link (Myspace, Website, link)
  • Short statement on why you should be Artist of the Month

Send info to

FINALIST(Top 5) will be chosen based on:

  • Music
  • Promotion Grind(Can you get people to come VOTE for you here at the blog?)

WINNER(Artist of the Month) will be chosen strictly based on:

  • VOTES on the page polls


WINNER will receive:

  • Honor of being “The Hip Hop DEMOCRAT- Artist of the Month”
  • Featured Artist on
  • More TBA

UNTIL we find our NOVEMBER Artist of the Month Check out

Fokus Chicago’s Kid


2 Responses to “Artist of the Month sponsored by”

  1. If you go to my music page, I feel that my music speaks for itself. But as far as a political standpoint…check out the tracks “Revolution’s Coming” and “Why’s It So Hard” and you’ll hear my opinion and heart when it comes to political, conscious Hip-Hop.

  2. Thanks for the plug. I look forward to working with the artists trying to attain Artist Of The Month Stature here at the Hip Hop Democrat. Please let the artists know that once we enable our radio player we will be paying royalties for airplay. And, in January we will be setting up a program to split ad-revenue with members who have uploaded music to

    This is a great opportunity that benefits the artist, The Hip Hop democrat (and Fokus The Chicago Kid) as well as

    We are also looking for a radio host to do a once-weekly program devoted to hip-hop/rap and Nu Groove R&B. Contact me at for details.

    Best Wishes,
    Michael Canter
    Friends. Music. Life.

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