Real AmeriKKKan Terrorists: Failed Obama Assassination

With terrible news this morning highlighting the horrors of violence, another story just broke releasing news that the ATF foiled an Obama assassination attempt as well as the attempt to kill and decapitate 102 other black youth in Tennesse. I can obviously say who-is-barack-obama that this is GOOD news, and many thanks to the law enforcement officials who brought these criminals to justice.

I also see this as very disturbing, and it hit on another issue that I have been thinking about.  The nation, the media have launched numerous attacks on the Hip Hop community claiming its responsibility for most of the violence and negativity in the country. Then I start to think, well with a story like this, what’s next? Will there be an in depth look at the evils of racism that obviously still exist in our society? Will there be a nationwide witch hunt forcing those that secretly HATE because of skin color? Will the media throw all of its resources towards combating racism the way they seem too when hip hop is the prime suspect? I HOPE so, but know that its unlikely, just as quick as this story came, it will be GONE. All they will say is, its just a dumb group of people that don’t represent a majority view.

I wonder what this would have been if this group had been Muslim or of Arab decent. This war on terror that we fight overseas war-on-terror against an enemy outside of our borders is continuing full speed, when there are still plenty of terrorists within the United States. They’ve been  here for decades, not hiding, in the open, terrorizing women, people of color, people of different sexual orientations. I want to know what is being done about that.

Luckily, this attempt was foiled today, but what about tomorrow, and the next day. These terrorist are  here, living right next to us, picking up their children from the same schools, and everybody doesn’t have an anti-terrorism task force to protect them.


2 Responses to “Real AmeriKKKan Terrorists: Failed Obama Assassination”

  1. This is so true. We’re only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to problems like these. Our potential president, Obama, will have not only the weight of our country on his shoulders but will likely have to deal with repeated threats on his life and his family. As citizens, one thing we can do is pray–pray for our nation to focus on what’s important. Our focus should be not race but our schools, safety, economy, war and other more pressing issues facing our nation.

  2. The new world order loves to break up communities. It’s how they attain and hold onto the real POWER!

    They just love internal conflict. Terror wars are there in part to keep us looking ‘outside’ of our own communities, not realising that ‘they’ are the ones under the real threat from ‘within’.

    We all need to look from the ‘outside’ IN. Not from the inside ‘OUT’.


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