Blog Action Day: Hip Hop & Poverty

“The tragic death of Jam Master Jay should serve as a reminder of the condition of poverty, ignorance and lack of opportunity inherent in our urban communities across the country,”- Russell Simmons

Well, what a day to start a blog, considering that its Blog Action Day and as always better late than never. I’m honored to begin on a positive note and contribute to the awareness of the international POVERTY problem. I feel this is a fitting topic to start with and grow this blog from considering the fact Hip Hop grew its roots out of poverty, and the struggles of those in the inner city and other urban communities.

Even today, Hip Hop still represents that point of view. Not just because it’s the theme of over half of the mainstream songs out, but because that is what this industry represents, a way out, a means to an end. Poverty is a huge problem not only in America but all over the world. The numbers that surround the global poverty issues are astounding.

I invested a good amount of time today, just reading, stories, looking at statistics, mainly on and I just can’t imagine…..even being as broke as I am, living off of less than $2.50 per day. I feel like that’s about what it costs to start my car.

3 Billion people are subjected to live in those type of conditions, honestly that’s unacceptable especially when there’s $700 Billion dollars up for grabs by the banks. If I do the math correctly that’s enough for those 3 billion to live for 93 days. So maybe then 26,500 children wouldn’t die for each of those days. Just somethin to think about.


10 Responses to “Blog Action Day: Hip Hop & Poverty”

  1. Yeah the way our economic system is structured, it’s not an easy fix. Yeah those people would live for 93 days. But then what? I agree that poverty is a dire issue that needs to be addressed but it’s gonna be a hard one.

  2. hiphopdemocrat Says:

    True…but Im thinking about the children….26,500 per day that will live, its hard to turn that aspect into a Return on Investment opportunity, who knows what impact each of those children can have..

  3. Really good post man. 93 days may not seem like a long time but when you struggle everyday to live and eat it can be a lifetime for some. Blog design is fresh also. Don’t forget the RSS feed so I can follow.

  4. Good post!
    Our economy is so royally messed up, it’s very scary…
    Everybody’s struggling finanically right now, and there’s no easy fix.
    I just hope the next president makes it a priority.

  5. Slight Fabian Socialist Sean Says:

    I have to agree with flygirl on this one. That $700 billion is a drop in the bucket if you compare it to the U.S. GDP, and is neccessary in order to help fix this extremely complex world economy in the long run. Of course using that money to give to the impoverished might tug on the heart strings, but it is not entirely efficient at this time, nor in the best interest of the world. Doing that would be no less inefficient than the un-ethical mortage brokers who helped create this who mess. It is important to look at the big picture, and the future of OUR OWN children. Just because the government throws out this big number, doesn’t mean we are in a position to erase poverty (by any means).

    Economist have been working on the problem of poverty. Many of these countries have pour economic systems. To pour money into them would be a bad investment, since they have no way to sustain growth. Many don’t even have property rights. I know you say ‘feed the children’, but we have to feed our own children first. Protecting our economy is as important as national defense, if not more in this day and age. Imagine if China came in to finance those banks, it could’ve happened.

    This is the case because the world is leaning toward a free market system, therefore many economies are effected by each other’s performance. The colapse of the U.S.S.R proved that (their default on an IMF loan).. and there are other examples.

    We are in this situation because (again) much of the world is slowly adapting capitalistic ideas (cautiously). These ideas breed market competition. Market competition breeds technological advancement, higher efficiency, but also breeds distruction (or the losers).

    Hip Hop is and embodiment of many of those extreme capitalist and materialistic ideas that much of the world shys away from (and sometimes despises). Hip Hop is highly contradictory, and my personal opinion of it’s value is diminishing. The marginal utility I get from listening these days is on a downward spiral. Hip Hop does’t represent anything these days besides the ideas of the majors who produce the music. Nor is HIP HOP any different from the government it likes to point its finger at. What is HIP HOP doing for the poor in the black community? Hip Hop is only smacking them in the face with images of what they can’t have, instead of messages on how to improve conditions. So, I have no sympathy for hip hop in it’s current state.

    Welcome to blogging little brother!

  6. hiphopdemocrat Says:

    I still would invest money into a human being rather than a company, bank, or any economic system any day…

  7. I have to echo the words of George Bernard Shaw when he said, “I’m at war with poverty. Poverty is the greatest of evils and the worst of crimes.”

  8. jesseg5150 Says:

    Oh buy the way all the african-american women who vote with hipptyhop: beware that if the nazi/trailerpark/hillbillly crackers are right and he supports muslim ways of life OOOHHHHHH SNAP!!! No mo gucci, parada, nails and hair getting done, none of that shit no sir! Its your man and his multiple wives betting that ass and doing what the fuck he feels like doing and if your ass dont like it well you get fuckin stoned yo! And not the good ol’ strawberry philly. I takin about fukin chunks of stoner to your head!!!!
    And that is the truth and you can say “that aint true I know a muslim girl and she does what she wants!” (Well ask here parents how it is over in the middle east!) Well she is in america and do you think George W Bush’s wife would go 4 that shit??? HELL NO she say Ladies you got 2 stick your foot up your husbands ass till you find your WMD’s and if you cant find them stick another foot up there! Bet you agree with that! Dont get me wrong kids getting hurt in war is wrong! But that shit started happening since the first arrow was shot! Now bullets bombs and other shit has made war a fuckin waste of time.

    So I say tell all people who are not involeved to leave! Then send all the fucking gang bangers and criminals from prison over there and let them do what the fuck they want! 2 birds 1 stone!

  9. hiphopdemocrat Says:

    The Republican/Democrat run state issue might be true but you also have take inconsideration that most Democratic run states are way more densely populated than a lot of the Republican states like Arizona or such. OR even in the state of Arizona take a look at the statistics for the city of Phoenix.

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